Why it means so much to be a Reader’s Choice winner…

Like most people, I like winning. Most of us don’t get up in the morning and hope we lose whatever race we’ve been thrown into. But some races are simply more important than others. Some get our attention more. Some make us take notice.

Ironically, we didn’t even know we were in this race. So, when we were notified we won, it was a pleasant surprise! I mean, Gorant’s chocolate is of course my favorite (but I realize I might be biased). However, when you hear it is also a community’ favorite, well it touches you in all your feely spots.

Back in 1949, two brothers started Gorant with a dream. They first got noticed with sugar mints. Though neither brother is with us any longer, they have to be looking down from the pearly gates with a big smile. They created something that lasted past their lifetime. A goal for many. Next year, Gorant will celebrate their 70th anniversary. Considering 50% of businesses fail by their fifth year, this is a pretty remarkable accomplishment.

Now I’m not going to tell you Gorant hasn’t experienced it’s fair share of troubles, especially within the last 10 years. When American Greetings got out, closing most of their stores before selling, everything changed for Gorant. They had to reinvent themselves to stay alive. That doesn’t happen overnight, nor without a fair share of stress. Gorant no longer could rely on their own brand to keep the doors open. Their national footprint suddenly halted to a mostly regional presence. In order to utilize a factory that once produced for hundreds of national stores, they quickly entered into the private label market; hence their reinvention. Today, Gorant produces more than 67% for other brands, while still trying to keep their own brand alive and well.

So, it’s been a long road. However, one thing Gorant could always count on was the loyalty of their customers. We’ve heard more stories from the heart of customer’s who have fond memories of Gorant. Stories of shopping with grandma for foil Easter eggs. Stories of the Yum Yum Tree. Stories of traditions and family and brand loyalty. But to us, those stories are so much more. They were our hope. They kept us going. They kept us fighting to keep Gorant alive and well.

Inside the walls of Gorant you will find some of the most loyal, hard working people ever. So when you picked Gorant, you picked them and honored them for their commitment. When you picked Gorant, you picked two brothers with a dream. When you picked Gorant you picked the quality we continue to strive for. When you picked Gorant, you picked the family values we do our best to live by. When you picked Gorant, you picked traditions we honor. When you picked Gorant, you renewed our spirit. You reminded us that someone is noticing.

Thanks Youngstown. We hear you and we will continue to make sure Gorant’s chocolates stays in your family, enhancing your traditions, for years to come…



Gorant Chocolate

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