What do you get your boss for Boss’s Day anyways?

National Boss’ Day is right around the corner – Tuesday, October 16th. That means you have about one week to find a good gift for your boss. We know this is tough, but we got you covered. There’s still time! Here’s some tips to help you out. Remember, your boss doesn’t need much, but they too like a little appreciation now and again also!

  • A card is easy and economical. Make it more special with a gift card to their favorite place. For example, do you know they walk in with a Starbucks brew every morning? Bet they would love a $5 gift card to Starbucks!
  • Talk to your fellow co-workers to see if anyone has ideas, or if they want to go in on a gift together. Two (or 3 or 10) heads are better than one!
  • Chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, right? You can’t go wrong (as long as there are no dietary restrictions). Gorant has plenty of chocolate delights, guaranteed to match every budget, including no sugar added chocolates. You can pick up your card, while you are there also, so one-stop shopping. If you doing a team gift, Gorant has beautiful arrangements that will make your boss smile (and everyone loves a happy boss). If you are working on a really low budget, you can pick up a $1.49 “Boss Day” candy bar. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!
  • How about a plant for their office? Not a green thumb, try a trendy succulent instead.  Or, how about some office decor (a mug, frame, trendy office supplies?)
  • Is your boss a woman? Guess what? Almost every woman loves flowers! Another great “team” approach to soften the cost.
  • Feed their tummies! How often have they treated you? Just pay it forward for them. It will help grow your professional relationship, and deepen your personal connection.
  • Whatever you select, make it pretty. Gorant is great at presentation. Ask them to wrap your gift, add ribbon, and don’t forget the card!
  • Still stumped? Do they have a pet? You’ll get kudos for thoughtfulness and thinking outside the box when you show their fur baby some love.

The main thing is, show your boss some love on this day. They are human too and need encouragement, appreciation and recognition as well. A little goes a long way, so any nice gesture you offer is sure to be a win-win.

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