Easter Program

Gorant’s Easter Brochure Program features our most popular selling Easter items. Everyone needs chocolate bunnies and eggs for their baskets, so why not offer the tastiest chocolate out there while helpling your organization make money?


  • A wide variety of Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs are offered along with solid chocolate rabbits in milk, dark and white.
  • Items ranging in price from $1 to $19.95
  • You may chose to have your orders individually packaged by Gorant Chocolatier

No minimum order is required and no upfront costs occur, with receipt of a purchase order (payment required within 30 days). We offer free delivery for orders over $2000 in Mahoning County.

Check out our Easter Fundraiser Booklet for more info.

Front Easter Fundraising Booklet

Back Easter Fundraising Booklet



Interested in having a Easter Fundraising Program for your organization? Please email us at sales@gorant.com or call our offices during normal business hours at 330-726-8821.


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