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Candy Bar Fundraiser Gorant Chocolate

Gorant Chocolate Bars are the ideal year-round fundraising item to generate profits for any size organization! We offer premium chocolate at an economical price. Gorant/Yum Yum Tree is a well-recognized and trusted community member since 1949. It simply sells itself and offers your organization and easy way to make great profits!

Gorant offers 7 delicious flavors (including our popular pretzel option):

  1. Milk Chocolate Crisped Rice
  2. Milk Chocolate Pretzel
  3. Milk Chocolate Roasted Almond
  4. Solid Dark Chocolate
  5. Solid Milk Chocolate
  6. Milk Chocolate Butter Caramel
  7. Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter

We offer our candy bars for your organization at .65 each. You set the sale price! Our chocolate bars are available in case packs of 40. We offer no minimum order requirements or upfront costs (with purchase order submission and 30-day payment).

Customer testimonial:

As someone who has been involved in the fundraising business for over 23 years and have used numerous fund raising candy bar suppliers over those years I have found that Gorant Chocolatier offers some of the best, highest quality fund raising candy bars available!  Our organization has had great success with Gorant Chocolatier fund raising candy bars and in fact set a new one day fund raising sales record just recently while selling Gorant Chocolatier fund raising candy bars.  One thing that we like is that they offer 7 delicious flavors that our customers can pick from which has also helped to increase our sales.  If you’re looking for a great, easy and productive way to raise money for your organization or program you can’t do any better than Gorant Chocolatier fund raising candy bars!

James Q.


Interested in having a Candy Bar fundraiser with Gorant Chocolatier? Please email us at or call our offices during normal business hours at 330-726-8821.

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