Easter-Fundraising-Chocolate-Gorant-ChocolatierTHE TASTIEST AND EASIEST WAY TO RAISE MONEY!

Gorant Chocolatier’s fundraising programs offers delicious, quality chocolate that will tempt any age and easily help any cause. We understand just how important fundraising is and cater to any size organization, from small Boy Scout troops to large schools. In fact, after providing our rich tasting Gorant chocolates at affordable prices, you will find your customers simply asking for MORE!

Gorant offers two easy-to-use programs that will make your profits sweet and your chocolate lovers happy! Select from:

Gorant is proud to help support organizations like yours and we hope to hear from you soon on how we can increase your fundraising success!

Get started today by calling (330) 726-8821 or (800) 572-4139 x236 or 248, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Or, email us at


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