What is Sweetest Day and how can I celebrate it?

I’ve heard it said many times (and said it myself even, before I discovered the truth). Sweetest Day is “just another Hallmark holiday.” Actually, it’s not! Sweetest Day was started in 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio, by a candy company employee who wanted to brighten the days of people around him who needed some extra love. He gave out little gifts to orphans, people confined to their homes, and others in need to show them someone cared. From there, it grew over the years into a holiday celebrating your friends, family, and loved ones. Sweetest Day is always celebrated on the third Saturday of every October, or October 19th this year.

For the 3rd year now, Gorant is passing along this sweet tradition. At our stores you will find paper chocolate bars hung all over from our generous customers who have already donated candy bars to children awaiting adoption thru the Northeast Ohio Adoption Services. For every candy bar you donate, Gorant will match. We think this will brighten the days of many children! While we help spread kindness thru our community, let’s bring it a little closer to home as well. How can you show your friends and family a little love on Sweetest Day also?

1. The obvious choice is chocolate! We think it’s the “sweetest” of them all actually. Gorant has a reputation for quality, but at an affordable price. We have something for every price range, from a Sweetest Day candy bar for only $1.49 to a full box of chocolate or a vase of chocolate roses. We are pretty sure your loved ones will be happy with whatever you pick!

2. Give a card. You can always make one, those are endearing and well loved. Or, while you are buying your chocolate at Gorant, pick up a card as well. We like to make your life simple and easy!

3. Give them a different sweet treat. Maybe you have someone who isn’t a fan of chocolate (it’s hard to believe, but they are out there). Gorant isn’t limited to chocolate only. We have plenty of other candy selections that are sure to please. We even have decorated rice krispy treats, fudge bites and Stonewall jams.

4. Do something nice. You don’t have to buy someone something to sweeten their day. Wives love it when their husbands do the dishes or vacuum the floor! Husbands love it when their wives “notice” what they’ve done and thank them for it (even if you’ve done it 100 times before!). If you know your sweeties’ love language, make a point of focusing on it for Sweetest Day. Focus on it everyday and watch your relationship transform!

5. Say I love you. Yeah, yeah, it’s cheesy, but you probably don’t do it enough. When was the last time you told your friend, your mom, your roommate — whomever — how much you value them? People love to know they’re appreciated, and Sweetest Day is a great day to do it.

We could give you a lot more ideas, but really we just want you to make people feel special on Sweetest Day. It was created with the best of intentions, and yeah, we happen to think Gorant chocolate sweetens every moment, but more importantly we just want everyone to “feel the love.” Make your world a little sweeter this Saturday.

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